A site that tells the intriguing tales of those who hand down the true Italian culture of food and wine: the cooks of tradition, the producers of characteristic foods, the wine-makers who grow native grapes. No beds of vegetables, no fish mousse, puréed meat or reduction of legumes – in other words fashionable hot air, sold at inflated prices to bored trendy radicals – just the contagious emotions of those who till the land, produce its treasures and prepare its fruits according to time-honoured methods rooted in the centuries.
Between the work of a traditional cook and that of a star chef there is the same difference as between the art of Michelangelo and that of Maurizio Cattelan: Michelangelo has been studied, admired and revered for centuries and is consigned to immortality; Cattelan amazes, is spoken about in the media, but what will be left of him a century or two from now? Culinary traditions have existed (even) for thousands of years, while star chefs at the most for a few decades. Talking about the former means dealing with history, while the latter represent at the most a recent gossip article. So writing about agriculture and food traditions belongs to high-level literature, while the ramblings of star chefs are at the most daily journalism. The ancestral recipes, like the great books, are the foundations of culture and are destined to be republished and handed down for ever, while the contrivances of the chefs are condemned to die out with those who invented them for a momentary pleasure.
Lastly, a traditional dish is innate to everyone’s genetic code, without distinction as to status and social condition; anyone can reproduce it at home with the greatest satisfaction. A chef’s creation can be enjoyed (almost) exclusively in his restaurants, at prices affordable by few. Tradition is democratic, innovation is for an élite.
This site is on the side of people and their identity.


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