We develop and manage publishing products in house and on behalf of third parties on various technological platforms and are able to provide such services for use on all kinds of media (web, mobile, printed, teletext)
One of We Communication’s main publishing activities is the first multi-media guide to the wedding business, Vezzi di Nozze. A complete guide to the care and management of your wedding, consultable in both printed and online versions.


Postcardcult.com is a brand recognised nationally in Italy as a point of reference for the entertainment, comics, tv and music sector. Postcardcult hosts one of the first complete digital magazines developed in html5 directly by our production team.


We have always been on the lookout for sudden changes in the advertising and publishing market. Our activity includes the possibility of providing in outsourcing for publishing products which, for reasons of cost and opportunity, would represent an obstacle for the development of the strategies of the relating costs borne by the customer.
Through our publishing structure and in cooperation with the main content-producing organisations on the market, we offer a wide range of choice to our customers on the online and offline channels (web, mobile, print, teletext, digital App for iOS and Android)
Ample space is provided to the new technological solutions, to the new communication instruments and their spinoff on the positioning of our customers.
Publishing activities